A new conference-call managing app called Callr is gaining traction in the tech industry. Released on October 2, 2014 by the DC-based IT firm Blen Corp., the app securely syncs with a user’s calendar and makes calls on the user’s behalf.

“We built [the app] out of frustration we had of being late to conference calls and getting annoyed with PIN numbers,” said Mike Endale, cofounder and CEO of Callr. “Instead of you remembering the time and number or pin to call, Callr will call you and then connects you to your calls (yes, it enters PIN numbers too).”

Callr automatically scans a user’s calendar for upcoming calls, then auto-dials into a conference call to instantly connect the user 30 seconds before the meeting starts.

It is not a replacement to conference calling service, according to the app’s website. Rather it’s a smart secretary that connects users to all of their calls without much effort.

Tech enthusiasts and alike didn’t take long to shower the app with praises.

Ronald Barba, senior writer and editor at Tech.co, reviewed the app as follows: “Callr is a new service that allows you to connect directly to your calls without having to rely on calendar reminders or even having to physically dial numbers. And, as a working professional wholly reliant on my calendar (as I’m sure most of us are), having such a service at our disposal relieves several major pain points.”

The app has been trending on ProductHunt.com, and was also recently featured on launchingnext.com as one of the world’s most promising startups.

Callr saves you at least a few minutes of fumbling with dial-in codes and whatnot, and also makes sure you dial in to your meeting on time,” wrote Ryan Lawyer of TechCrunch.com. “Actually, it generally dials you in a minute before a meeting starts, just to make you look good. If you happen to miss a call, or can’t pick up at the very moment a call starts, Callr allows you to just call it back and it will automatically connect you to your conference.”

By the beginning of last month, the app has reached a milestone of 125,000 minutes of connected calls, according to the developers.

Founded in 2004, Blen Corp. is owned by a team of Ethiopian-American developers, whose clients include organizations like GEICO, Energy Star and The World Bank.

Their Callr app has recently been accepted for $100,000 credit in Google Cloud Platform for Start Ups — a program that will help eligible early-stage startups to take advantage of the cloud and get resources to quickly launch and scale their idea.